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Mike Dove

  • KAAZING’s Java/WebSocket and Objective-C (iOS)/WebSocket client libraries are now available on GitHub. These clients can talk to any RFC 6455 endpoint (like KAAZING Gateway. See the demos or try it out yourself against Find the repos and documentation for Java clientiOS client, and JavaScript client.
  • Now you can contribute directly to KAAZING’s documentation! Visit any KAAZING repo containing a /doc/ directory, like here.
  • KAAZING Gateway is now on Docker Hub. Get the latest container and demos.
  • Check out the latest documentation for Enterprise Shield (Gateway 4.0 and JMS Edition 4.0), which now includes a walkthrough to apply maximum end-to-end security to protect your trusted network and downloadable sample configurations.

More information about KAAZING Gateway. Follow us on GitHub and Twitter (@kaazing).

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