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Leonid Lukyanov

Happy New Year! As a company, our resolution this year is a bold one – provide solutions to customers that carry ten times the benefit in terms of performance, security and usability. To reflect this ambition, we are excited to announce our new company name – Tenefit!

While our previous names of Kaazing and NTEN have become established in the real-time web networking space, we felt a refresh of our brand was called for. We wanted a name that was unique, strong and clean, and that could be proudly bannered while charging into exciting new market opportunities.

As a pioneer of WebSocket, Tenefit is playing a critical role in the real-time networking space. We push performance, reliability and security limits and ultimately have enabled businesses to effectively embrace the real-time web. Global enterprises ranging from banks to transportation authorities to national research facilities have all turned to Tenefit to power their latest generation of web applications. With the arrival of new connectivity and integration challenges, we are finding exciting new use-cases for our technology that go beyond web-streaming. Whether it is interconnecting Hybrid IT services, seamlessly migrating from legacy infrastructure or delivering high volume/low-latent data to mobile devices, Tenefit’s solutions come into play.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you will start to see updates to our website, social media accounts and messaging. While this may seem like a big change, rest assured, your relationship with us, our products and services will remain exactly the same. Our commitment to your success is stronger than ever as we look to unify our brand across new innovations and initiatives.

We hope you are as fond of our new identity as we are and look forward to the continuing journey now as Tenefit!