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IoT Without Brokers for high performance, streamlined IoT deployments.

Enable MQTT and AMQP apps and services to publish and subscribe to ingestion layers such as Kafka without the need for intermediary brokers. Accelerate and simplify global scale deployments with a service that is scalable, performant and secure.

How it Works

In-flight protocol transformation’s Reaktivity-based protocol transformation engine cross-maps MQTT and AMQP onto messaging protocols such as Kafka on-the-fly. With built-in service discovery, authorization and connection management capabilities, eliminates the need for MQTT/AMQP brokers, connectors or proxies.

Streamlined Architecture

Higher performance, less complexity

The more brokers there are in an architecture the more places in which data is stored which introduces DevOps and security complexities. In addition, extra brokers impact latency and scalability as they extend the data path. directly connects IoT clients to the ingestion layer and is stateless, resulting in unmatched performance with minimal setup/maintenance requirements.

Enterprise Ready

handle the most demanding use cases operates as a globally distributed service capable of supporting millions of concurrently connected clients. It optimizes bandwidth utilization, handles unstable networks and supports bidirectional communication between the ingestion layer and clients. Authorization features ensure compliance with the most stringent of security policies.

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Experience the 10x benefits

No instillations, no SDKs, no coding.

Stateless design, advanced encryption and authorization.

Globally scalable with redundancy and high availability built-in.

Built-on open source and web standards.

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