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Full-duplex, bi-directional data delivery.

The Enterprise WebSocket Gateway

The Kaazing WebSocket Gateway (KWG) is a network gateway created to provide a single access point for real-time web based protocols that supports load balancing, clustering, and security management. It is designed to provide scalable and secure bidirectional event-based communication over the web; on every platform, browser, and device.


Extend JMS to the Web

IBM MQ, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, TIBCO EMS, etc.

KWG allows you to connect your frontend mobile and web clients to your backend JMS/AMQP compliant messaging systems. With a multitude of built-in security and performance features, it provides an accelerated path to a unified, event driven architecture.

WebRTC Supported

Deliver a personalized customer experience

KWG also provides a secure, robust networking infrastructure that enables WebRTC communication between peers in all common WebRTC scenarios, including video and audio communication, allowing for highly secure, personalized customer experience via the web or on a mobile device. KWG supports the techniques and protocols on top of which the WebRTC API sits (ICE, STUN, NAT, TURN, and SDP), and bidirectional signaling is performed using WebSocket. All browsers that support WebRTC also support WebSocket, both on desktop and mobile.

Feature Highlights

Standard WebSocket support

The world’s first enterprise-grade WebSocket server for full-duplex bi-directional data delivery

Linear scalability

Being a stateless architecture means you can add more gateway instances and increase your scalability linearly

Authentication, authorization, and Single Sign-On

Easily integrate with your security system – whether it’s something like SiteMinder, or something customized and proprietary – so that you manage your users and roles in one place

Cross-origin based access control

Fine-grained access control to specify which domains can access your services and applications

SSL/TLS encryption

Full support for SSL/TLS, not just for client connections, but also when communicating with backend services. Includes support for client certificates

WebSocket keepalive + TCP half-open and half-closed detection

Prevent intermediaries like proxies and load balancers from terminating connections idle connections

Load balancing and clustering for high availability

Supports standard load balancers like F5, but they’re not necessary. KWG also has built-in load balancing and clustering capability

Enterprise Shield™

Take your security to a new level by keeping inbound ports closed in your enterprise firewall – reduces attack vectors into your enterprise if your DMZ becomes compromised

Continuous authorization

Gracefully re-authorize users transparently without abruptly terminating their connections

IP Whitelist

Allow connections only from approved sources

Bandwidth capping

Traffic shaping ability that lets you create tiered offerings, control bandwidth usage, and extend mobile battery lifetime

Identity promotion

Inject user identity based on trusted authorization to prevent masquerading by malicious clients

AMQP 0-9-1 virtual host

Transparently inject 0-9-1 virtual host information into connections so they appear single-tenant to clients

Native IBM MQ support

Extend your existing IBM MQ investment to Mobile/Web with the highest performance solution in the market. KWG integrates directly with IBM MQ specific functionality to produce a best of breed solution.

JMS support

Utilize your investment in JMS messaging systems by extending the event-driven paradigm to the web and mobile devices

Guaranteed delivery

Ensure clients never miss a message by redelivering any that they may have missed


Publish messages once and have them delivered to many users. Grow to web scale with your application, but don’t add pressure to your backend systems

JMS fine-grained authorization

Maintain complete control over any actions attempted by users

Auto reconnect

If the connection is interrupted, then automatically reconnect and resubscribe when the network is restored. When you come out of that elevator, your data just automatically starts flowing again


Allow slower consumers to receive an approximation of higher rate message flows so that they do not get too far behind in the message stream without impacting fast consumers

Last value cache

Real-time caching to deliver earlier messages to new consumers who weren’t present when the original message was sent

Delta messaging

Send the deltas between messages to reduce bandwidth utilization and application resources


10x benefits

No coding required.

Advanced encryptoin and authorization.

Extensive integrations and client types supported.

Customer Stories

KWG powers real-time car telemetry and processes as many events in one race as Twitter does in a day.
KWG supports BCLC’s “Lotto Express” initiative by securely streaming data to grocery store based lottery ticket purchasing systems.

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