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Hybrid cloud connectivity with no hardware required.

Eliminate VPNs

Kaazing WebSocket Intercloud Connect (KWIC) provides highly secure, hybrid cloud connectivity. KWIC enables rapid delivery of new applications and services in the cloud while securely connecting to your existing infrastructure with no hardware or VPN required.

Modern Standards

No Hardware, No Open Firewall Ports.

KWIC leverages modern web standards such as WebSocket, HTTP and TLS (SSL) encryption allowing you to connect enterprise services natively, securely and on-demand. KWIC extends
infrastructure-to-infrastructure connectivity further by providing additional enterprise features, such as secure end-to-end connections, authentication interfaces and DMZ-friendly installation.

Rapid Hybrid IT

No app changes required

Migrate any number of existing services without making any changes to the applications. To move a service from on-premise to the cloud, simply place a KWIC tunnel between the enterprise and the service’s location in the cloud – and all of the on-premise functionality of that service will be retained without any changes needing to be made to the application.


Deploy point-to-point or as a fabric

Create a B2B hybrid cloud fabric without opening any inbound firewall ports. With just a few clicks, KWIC allows you to connect one or multiple on-premise services to your cloud provider. With low upfront costs and no incremental ongoing maintenance, KWIC is cost-effectively deployed at scale.

Select Features

Mutual Auth between KWIC components

TLS Encryption

"point-to-point" connection

no open firewall ports

Launching Digital Initiatives with KWIC

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Experience 10x benefits

No hardware, no coding required.

Accessible Hybrid IT.

Enterprise ready.

Customer Story

"KWIC reduced customer on-boarding for BMC’s Remedy On Demand from 6 weeks to 6 minutes."
VP SaaS Operations

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