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Next-Gen mobile & web apps powered by messaging for a digital end-user experience.

Deliver the features that users expect from modern, always-on mobile/web apps without any code changes or proprietary pub-sub services. Push updates, stream data and respond to real-time user inputs in a robust, secure and scalable manner.

How it Works

bridging the Web and messaging. allows web clients to publish to and receive data streams directly from a messaging system. Built on top of a Reaktivity-based protocol-transformation engine, it exposes message topics via web-friendly REST and real-time endpoints, bi-directionally mapping web protocols such as HTTP, SSE or WebSocket to messaging ones such as Kafka on the fly.

Transparent and Open

Not just another pub-sub service.

When creating real-time apps, developers often turn to pub-sub services that run proprietary protocols and require vendor-specific SDKs. is different - only web standard protocols and APIs are used, allowing it to work with almost any client, keeping you free and always up to date.

// HTML5 Server-Sent Events can be used for outbound streaming – No Tenefit SDK!

var stream = new EventSource( 



var handler = function(event) {



stream.addEventListener('message', handler, false);

Scalable, Streamlined

Extending the event-driven paradigm across the web.

Powering your web-clients directly by an event-driven backend unlocks new possibilities, simplifies development and makes it easier to scale. With you can extend all of the streaming, performance and processing capabilities of your messaging system right up to the client.

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Experience the 10x benefits

No instillations, no SDKs, no coding.

Stateless design, advanced encryption and authorization.

Globally scalable with redundancy and high availability built-in.

Built-on open source and web standards.

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