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The fastest, most secure way to bridge SaaS and on-premise

Unlock new customer and partner possibilities with KWIC.

Decrease customer and partner onboarding times down to minutes. KWIC drops into any cloud application enabling it to seamlessly reach customer data or partner services behind firewalls. Achieve enterprise-grade, hybrid cloud connectivity with minimal expense and effort.

How it Works

Patented, Reverse Connectivity

KWIC is composed of two parts: an ambassador server connected to the cloud app and an on-premise agent that sits in front of a server or data source. The on-premise KWIC initiates an outbound Socket Secure (SOCKS) connection to the cloud KWIC establishing an TLS secured “tunnel” over which data can flow bidirectionally. Because the initial connection is outbound, no inbound firewall ports are ever opened.

Rapid Deployment

Up in minutes, no coding required.

Both the cloud and the on-premise components of KWIC are available as docker containers, letting you get started quickly and easily. In addition, KWIC supports multi-tenant deployments, enabling your cloud application to connect to multiple independent on-premise tenants. and allowing redundant deployment to ensure high availability requirements are met.

New Business Opportunities

Enhance existing apps or launch new ones.

Use KWIC to move on-premise apps into the cloud or expand the reach of existing cloud ones. Relieve customers from having to set up VPNs to reach your cloud and decrease onboarding time while accelerating time to revenue.

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Experience the 10x benefits

No instillations, no SDKs, no coding.

Stateless design, advanced encryption and authorization.

Built-on open source and web standards.

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Customer Story

"KWIC reduced customer on-boarding for BMC’s Remedy On Demand from 6 weeks to 6 minutes."
VP SaaS Operations

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