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Customer Success and Satisfaction are in our DNA

We understand that to continually earn your trust and business, we must deliver exceptional customer support each and every day. Tenefit customer support is dedicated to providing you with a superior ownership experience, pushing the boundaries of web application development and deployment. We partner with you to optimize system availability and performance, and reduce the total cost of ownership in operating and maintaining your solution.

Talk to Experts

We are aware of the rapid evolution of information technology, and are focused on industry standards and innovation to help you extend the value of your technology investment in delivering real-time Web solutions.

Best in Class Systems

Issue Tracking

Tenefit allows you to log issues directly into ZenDesk and track activity and resolution of your issues with our support team.



Documentation on building your clients, and configuration/setup of gateway servers for on-prem, cloud and Docker is available.


Complete technical documentation for Kaazing Enterprise WebSocket Gateway and all supported client libraries.

Product Patches

Tenefit offers fixes to defects through product patches. Patch sets go through full regression and unit testing to ensure a very low risk of unwanted side effects and regressions.

Additional information and resources

Global Support Contacts

NTEN Global Support is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To peruse the online system or receive support by phone, you must have purchased support and be registered as a Support user.

Existing NTEN customers can use online support or contact us by phone at 1 (877) KAAZING (within US) or +1 (650) 294 4844 (international).