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The Event-Driven API Gateway for any Digital Initiative.

Modern, Responsive, Always-on Digital Experiences is an easy, high performance way to connect web-based apps and services directly to event-driven backends. By bridging the worlds of web and Messaging and eliminating the need for intermediary brokers, Tenefit streamlines architectures, decreases latency and increases visibility.


No DevOps required

Elastically scalable, runs as a global network capable of supporting millions of  concurrent clients in a highly cost-effectivemanner. Don't spend time, effort and resources solving complex networking scalability challenges that you don't have to.


Management & Control Built-In

Segment users, control endpoint access privileges and continuously authenticate streaming endpoints to deliver a secure yet uninterrupted experience. End-to-end encryption and a dedicated deployment options ensure your organization’s security footprint stays lean.


Standards only - No SDKs needed

With support for a range of protocols and technologies including REST, WebSocket, HTML5, Kafka, JMS, MQTT and AMQP, enables a range of use cases spanning mobile, realtime web and IoT. Best of all, doesn’t rely on proprietary SDKs or protocols, making it transparent and easy to get started.

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Key Features

01/ Performance

02/ Functionality

03/ Security


Experience the 10x benefits.

No instillations, no SDKs, no coding.

Stateless design, advanced encryption and authorization.

Globally scalable with redundency and high availability built-in.

Built on open-source and web standards.

Customer Stories


“When I describe our organization’s data fabric, I always mention Tenefit as a core part of the stack. Anything that has to do with Push has to be with Tenefit.”

Head of Integration Services

"Our application is literally life and death and preservation of assets where every second counts. Tenefit made it affordable."

Ray Shirkhodai
Executive Director

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